About Us

Why We Do What We Do

Binary Options Detective launched not too long ago, when having traded somewhat after college in forex, I read an artical about binary options. I had never heard about binary options, nor the brokers used or what the do’s and don’t’s of trading with binary options. That’s when I became, like so many others, victim to a scam. A broker whom I will not name (though rest assured you will not find a review on them here)swindled me for thousands. This was devastating to me as it was the first money I had made after graduating University and with all my debts I had adquierd , I felt completely hopeless. That was when I searched everywhere to try and find a way to make my money back.
Unfortunately, all I could seem to find were either brokers who offered the world and more if you were to choose them. Or software’s that filled me with empty promises. What I couldn’t find however was a site that simply offered information. Luckily for me, I found myself a nice job that allowed me to both make some of my money back and leave me a couple of hours everyday to continue trading.
Not too long after, I decided to make this site. I felt like after picking myself back up from my losses, it would be a nice idea to offer advice based on my experiences and the hints and tips I’ve picked up over the last few years. So, here it is. The result of an idea that came about after some losses and wins. I hope everyone who wants to know anything got to do with binary options finds something on this site that helps them trade the way they want to trade and hopefully make the money they want to make. Have a look at my reviews, read one or two of my blogs and subscribe to my daily updates, and you’ll surely find yourself learning more and more about binary options each day.