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7 Figure Months

7 Figure Months7 Figure Months is a binary options auto trader developed by people who, to me, don’t care about looking like a genuine company releasing a professional piece of software. The name, 7 Figure Months, pretty much destroys every sense of credibility that this otherwise respectable looking site may have had. The logo at the top of the page looks like a free clipart image which has been stolen from Google so my guess is that no thought has gone into this either. The tagline which can be found in the header section says “Make a guaranteed minimum $1,000,000 each month”. A million per month… A MILLION per month! The owners of this website have to be taking the piss now. We have seen some bold claims and I have even said before that I suspect that they’re seeing just how far they can take it and still get people to sign up.

Other Elements on the 7 Figure Months Website

We’re not given very much at all in the way of content on the 7 Figure Months website. There are the usual things, a video, a sign up form and a footer containing a few links. I haven’t looked at the video yet but I’m quite sure that it will feature some bold claims when we take into account what they’re stating in the header. This brings me onto the subject of the footer. The main thing I’m concerned with is the disclaimer. We’re linked here to a carbon copy of every “U.S. Government Required Disclaimer” which we see on most binary options websites. Now, some of the more scammy auto traders out there don’t include this at all which got me thinking. A product called “7 Figure Months” is clearly a scam and shouldn’t really care about legalities as the site probably won’t be around for long. So why bother including a legal disclaimer? I think the main aim here is to try to appear as legal as possible but remaining hopeful that nobody will actually read the text in question. Feel free to use the link below and give it a read over, I’m sure it will shock you.

The 7 Figure Months Introduction Video

7 Figure MonthsThe video starts with some text being revealed using a typing effect with what sounds like a typewriter. It reads “Just over 12 months ago, Martin Saunders discovered a secret loophole that has been responsible for making him over $1,000,000 every single month”. The video then cuts to an actor whom we have seen on a few binary options websites in the past. He reiterates the claims that you will make a million dollars per month with this software and that it won’t cost you a penny. I’m at a loss as to how the owners of this site can possibly believe people are that stupid. The number of times that “Martin” states that this is guaranteed really started to get on my nerves so I stopped watching the video. Nothing about this is guaranteed, that’s what the disclaimer is for!

My Summary on 7 Figure Months

I’m sorry but this is easily one of the worst websites for a binary options product I have ever seen. Please make sure you do NOT fall for this as my conclusion is that 7 Figure Months is a scam. I have left a link below this review, as always, so that you can find the page and see for yourself what you should look to avoid.

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