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Binary App 810

Binary App 810 is a binary options application which, if I’m honest, I’m amazed is still going. This product has been on the binary options scene for a good year and a half, maybe even 2 years, which is crazy for an auto trader. The software goes under a number of different names, Binary App 810, BinaryApp-810 and Insider John to name a few. Insider John refers to the presenter of the introduction video, John Callaghan. John claims to have created the software and gives us some mad figures of what he has made using his app. As I have already given you a short introduction into the man himself, let’s start with the intro video.

The Introduction Video of Binary App 810

Binary App 810The video, as I have already said, is presented by John “The Insider” Callaghan. He begins his presentation standing outside the Banc de Binary building where he is apparently going to receive an award for his software. Now, I have always had my reservations about this part of the video because he walks into the building and we don’t see him speaking to anybody at reception. The video then cuts to a presentation where he is delivering a speech in front of a room full of people. There is nothing to say that these aren’t in the same building and that the people clapping and cheering aren’t just extras pulled in to make the whole thing look legit. If this is the case, I guess the developers of the site have pulled off quite a clever idea. If this isn’t the case and this really is the Banc de Binary building, I think that’s also cause for alarm. I would hate to think that a binary options broker as big as Banc de Binary would endorse an auto trader. In my humble opinion, binary options brokers should promote manual trading.

After this presentation, John Callaghan tells us that he has submitted his software to a number of competitions, including ones with brokers, Interactive Options and Big Option. As far as I’m concerned, these people could be anyone but the creators of this page have certainly gone to some lengths to make this look like the real thing. The actor playing John Callaghan is a bit of a waffler and looks extremely creepy at times. Obviously, we have seen some blatant scams and this one is quite hard to call so I have to say, they’ve done this one quite well.

The Binary App 810 Purchase Options

Binary App 810I have decided to give this point its own subheading as I think it needs to stand out. Below the video on the page, we are given 2 options. Option 1, you purchase the software for $4,999. Option 2, you use the software on a 2 month trial basis. Anyone with a hint of sense would go for the free trial but if you decide to look into purchasing the software, you’ll find that you MUST use the free trial first, only then will you be given an access code to purchase the software. This is a very shrewd move on the developers’ part as it makes the software appear to be worth what is nearly half a year’s income for most people. By doing this, when the client signs up and is asked for a small deposit of $250, they’re more likely to go ahead as they are getting the actual trading software for free.

My Summary on Binary App 810

There are many reasons not to trust any auto trader in this industry and this software is no different. I do think that Binary App 810 has its strengths in that the way they deceive people is on another level to most of the competition and certainly hasn’t been bettered in a couple of years. Obviously, everything in this review is purely speculation from my part but I do think that Binary App 810 is a scam. This website, however is getting a slightly higher rating from me as I can’t honestly be 100% sure. I have left a link below this review, as always, in case you would like to see the page for yourself but I ask you to please proceed with caution.

See Insider John and his Software

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