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Binary Options Probot

Binary Options Probot is a brand new binary options system which is due to be launched on Monday. The website, I have to admit, looks very nicely made. It’s clean, professional and doesn’t seem to include a lot of the scam tactics we have become so used to in this industry. There is a modern looking logo at the top of the page along with a small menu to the right hand side. Below this header section, we are given a sentence of text which says that you can be one of the select few to get full access to the software for free. As you know, I’m not a fan of binary options products claiming that they are free because you always have to make an initial deposit to get started. Technically, that deposit is made with the broker so the trading software itself is free but I think that it’s always cleverly worded to make it sound as if you can make money without putting anything in first. Something which is impressive about this piece of text is that there is no mention of becoming a millionaire or learning to make 30 grand per day, guaranteed.

Binary Options Probot Introduction Video

Usually, the thing which lets binary options products down is their intro video. Claims of the ability to make you a millionaire in a short space of time with very little effort from you are all the rage. Unfortunately, Binary Options Probot is no different. The first thing the narrator says is “Do you want to become a multimillionaire in just a few weeks?” which is just infuriating! He carries on with “Would you like to turn a thousand dollars into millions without lifting a finger?” and then starts to show images of luxury yachts and private jets. These are exactly the kind of scam tactics which lead me to believe that Binary Options Probot is a scam. Next, the narrator says that you can say goodbye to your grumpy old boss and your old car because you’re going to get this software which will make all your dreams come true. Sounds sickening to me…

I am typing this review as I watch the video and it just so happens, the production takes a surprising turn at this point. The narrator changes his tune drastically and says “Sorry, but if this is what you want to hear, you best go someplace else”. He asks the rhetorical question, “how many ordinary folks have you seen make millions in just a few weeks with just $1000?” and I have to admit, all of this is starting to lift my spirits. Next, we are told that the craze for Forex and Binary Options have led to the misconception that it’s possible to make easy money on autopilot and that the Wolf of Wall Street becoming a household name has made people think “why can’t I do the same?” which is something that I’ve been saying for a while.

Other Elements on the Binary Options Probot Site

Binary Options ProbotBelow the video section, we are shown 3 easy steps to getting started. These are registration, software setup and start trading. I’m a little disappointed not to see an initial deposit being mentioned here, given that the intro video seems to be fairly honest. I do like the graphic below this section displaying the software, in all its glory, in an iMac. If this is how the software looks, I think I may have to try it myself. Other than this, we are given an FAQ section and a few bits of other information. Not too much, not too little.

My Summary of Binary Options Probot

Going off how this homepage presents itself, I think I will probably try it out very soon. I haven’t heard any hype at all about the software and I haven’t seen any results from other traders either but I just have quite a good feeling about this one. There aren’t a lot of scam tactics at all which leads me to believe, on first impressions, that the developers of this app may genuinely want to help us trade successfully. I have left a link, as always, below this review so that you can easily find the software’s site so if you want to have a look, go ahead and see what you think. I will post my updates as soon as I have anything to share with you.

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