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Crunch Tech is a relatively new binary options product which I intend to test, purely because of the fact that so many other traders seem to be profiting with it. There are a few negative points about the site’s home page which I’m not going to ignore but I just want to see if the results others are seeing are actually real. The design of the site is one of the positives with regards to how Crunch Tech presents itself. It boasts a clean and easy-to-follow layout which allows the user to feel comfortable as to what they have to do to get started. Granted, most binary options systems are easy to follow, but this one looks somehow more professional.

Crunch TechThe site’s logo looks to be designed by someone who really knows what they’re doing and doesn’t feature the usual dollar signs and bar charts. The claim made to the right of the logo is one of the site’s negatives as it suggests that the figure of $89 per hour is a sure thing. Of course, we all know that there is always a risk with trading and the occasional losing day is inevitable. There is a menu featured just below these previous elements but most of the links just bring up a sign-up form, even “about us”, where I would have preferred to have seen some kind of company biography.

The Crunch Tech Introduction Video

The intro video is not without its flaws, I have to admit. The production starts with the title “How I became a millionaire”, which makes me lose confidence in the product slightly. I don’t like when binary options software sites try to suck us in to thinking that we’re going to make the same as high-end Wall Street traders do, it’s just not a reality with auto traders. I think, if you can make an extra grand or 2 per month, that’s good going from a binary options product and let’s face it, that’s more than enough to live on, right?

CEO and founder of the company, Rick Paulson, is supposedly a millionaire already and I have to be honest, I’m having a hard time believing that he’s not just an actor. I have my suspicions that everyone in this video is an actor and the only reason I’m trying this one and not concluding that Crunch Tech is a scam from the get-go, is because of the results I’ve seen from others.

My Early Thoughts on Crunch Tech

Crunch TechI’m not going to call this a summary because this won’t be the last I’ll be writing about the software. I have signed up for an account now and made a deposit, so I will definitely be back to talk some more about Crunch Tech and share my results. I have left a link below this review so that you can check out the homepage for yourself but I’ll leave it completely up to you as to whether you want to try it. You may want to wait until some results come in but for now, I’d say that the Crunch Tech homepage is far from perfect. It does, however, leave me feeling a lot happier than most binary options auto traders do in the first 10 minutes.

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