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Epic Winner Software

Epic Winner Software was launched yesterday to the binary options world. Yes, a new binary options product. I was quite excited when I saw it pop up in my email inbox this morning. That was, until I clicked the link. That’s right, it’s another binary options scam. The very first thing I noticed, before I even saw the video or the logo was the familiar company names at the top right of the page. Sky News, CBC News and Bloomberg, amongst others, are all presented proudly on the page as if they all endorse this product. Now we all know that these logos can very easily be sourced from the internet so them appearing in this website header means absolutely nothing!

Epic Winner Software: The Intro Video

Epic Winner SoftwareThe narrator on this video spends so much time explaining how the software is different to the binary options scams out there and that it’s “guaranteed” to make you money that it pretty much proves to me that Epic Winner Software is a scam. He says that whoever invited you here must really trust you and that you can only find the page by invitation. That is a total lie because if you follow this link, you’ll be taken straight to it and I am nothing to do with the software. By the way, if you do click that link, I don’t recommend you make a deposit.

The narrator says that with this software, you won’t become a millionaire overnight. Great, but what he also says is that you’ll make a daily income of $1000 per day, $7000 per week which is $365,000 per year… WRONG! The trading markets are only open Monday to Friday and also close bank holidays. So the fact that they say this and the fact that they say this outcome is guaranteed, says to me that they are making it all up.

Why Else Shouldn’t I Trust Epic Winner Software?

There are many reasons to conclude that Epic Winner Software is a scam to be honest. The kicker for me is the fact that all the claims of the results shown in the intro video being guaranteed are contradicted in the disclaimer in the footer of the page. This explains that “hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations”, and “since the trades have not been executed, the results may have under-or-over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors”. This, once again, is their way of covering their own arses if a trader took them to court. It essentially says that any results given in the content of the page (which includes the video) should not be seen as real. The disclaimer also says that no representation is being made that you are likely to achieve profit or loss, despite the fact the narrator clearly states that you don’t need a credit card and that this is free. So how is it possible to make a loss when you have put nothing in?

My Summary of Epic Winner Software

I have reviewed enough binary options products to conclude when an auto trader is a scam. The truth of the matter is this: most of them are. Once again, we have been given fictional results and false guarantees, paired with a disclaimer which says that these very claims are over-compensating for what actually happens when you use the software and for that main reason, I’m saying that Epic Winner Software is a scam! Stay away!

See the Website (Do NOT Deposit)

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