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Escape The Race

Escape The Race is one of the more recent binary options products to be released to the internet and I’m quite pleased to see a homepage which doesn’t include the word “millionaire”. The logo is very different when compared to what we’re used to seeing in the binary options industry and we’re given a menu rather than a tagline to the right of this. The menu takes us to certain points on the page itself instead of linking to a separate page which is something that we’re seeing a lot of on the internet, thanks to many users viewing websites on mobile devices. There are a few lines of text displayed just above the video which don’t fill me with confidence really. The text suggests that the software is used by Wall Street professionals which I just don’t buy.

The Escape The Race Introduction Video

Escape The RaceEscape The Race doesn’t appear to have put a lot of effort into making the sales video stand out. It’s presented in a very familiar style to most of the other auto traders we see. The first clip is of a city in the USA and meanwhile, the video is narrated and subtitled for us. The narrator asks, “Have you had enough of the Rat Race?”. He goes on, “Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about starting a rewarding new life without any of the stress of your current job?” These are all questions we are asked by some of the very worst binary options scams out there, which surprises me this time, I have to admit. On first impressions, I really had a good feeling about Escape The Race and so far, the video is letting it down.

Next and very predictably, we are shown a clip of a Ferrari pulling up to a mansion whilst the narrator continues to coax the jealousy out of us. We’re then shown a couple boarding a private jet and the narration says that just over 2 years ago, Matt Taylor started to research all the ways that the top investors made their fortunes from predicting the stock market direction. We’re eventually introduced to Matt himself, who tells us that his software will teach us how to trade properly. This is a plus point as far as I’m concerned as he doesn’t claim that his software is an auto trader. I’m not sure if it is or not but it’s looking a little better at this point.

Escape The RaceWe’re taken to Matt’s favourite restaurant where he explains a little bit more about his method. He says that Wall Street traders don’t use auto traders which is a very good point. They place very specific manual trades based on information given to them by indicators. That’s just how it is. I have always said that eventually, auto traders will lose out because their natural goal is to wipe out your account. A machine designed to trade and trade and trade will never quit while it’s ahead. It will trade until it can’t trade any more, in other words, when there’s no money left to trade with.

My Summary of Escape The Race

Apart from a few scammy looking points, this web page looks good overall. I may test this software out myself over the coming weeks but I have a few others to try first so I’m not sure when this will be. I have left a link at the bottom of this review so that you can try it yourself if you want to. I think that it looks positive enough to give it a go.

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