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Magic Money MachineMagic Money Machine is yet another poor looking binary options auto trader. The website itself looks as though zero effort has gone into the design or development. We’re given a block colour background, some white text, a video and a form. There is a logo just above the form which makes Magic Money Machine look like an online game rather than a serious trading application. There is the typical annoying pop-up window which presents itself every time we move the cursor outside of our browser. This creates a sense of desperation and, in my opinion, doesn’t help the site look any more legitimate. The pop-up says that if you register your free account today, you’ll get a matching deposit bonus. I think this is a bit misleading as a matching deposit bonus doesn’t suggest that the account is free at all. To me, it suggests that you have to make a deposit. Also, you might have heard that broker bonuses in binary options are a bit of a taboo subject as they lock your money in until you have traded a percentage of your original investment. This is to stop people signing up, claiming their bonus and withdrawing straight away.

The Sales Video of Magic Money Machine

Magic Money MachineThe scammy looking video starts with a big red warning. It says, “Do not look at any other “free” software systems until you watch this”. Never has there been a more conspicuous looking video on a binary options auto trader. It just screams out scam! The narrator quickly cuts in and says that this is the only way to add $700 to your bank account in just 17 minutes. Honestly, I cannot believe that people actually fall for this. The claims being made here are out there before we’ve been introduced to anybody or know anything about what the software is. These videos just seem to get more and more daring.

The narrator says that this is not for everyone and will work best for people who have tried and failed with other systems. I think this is a tactic to get people to think, “well, if it’s not for everyone and I’ve got an invite, I best not waste it”. Another claim which is reiterated countless times is that this offer will be over very soon so you need to do it now. Just the same scam tactics we’ve seen in the past.

My Magic Money Machine Summary

The only other element on the page that we haven’t yet mentioned is the footer. It simply reads, “Magic Money Machine – Since 2004”. This is a binary options website ladies and gentlemen and I have news for you. Binary options has only been around since around 2007, so this is almost certainly a year which has been plucked out of thin air. This product has not been around since 2004 because if it had, it wouldn’t be a binary options product and therefore, wouldn’t be the same software anyway. So I have to conclude that Magic Money Machine is a scam. There is nothing on the page to contradict my conclusion and I think I have pointed out enough proof that we’re being deceived here. I have left a link below this review so that you can easily find the page and see what you should avoid but I certainly do NOT recommend making a deposit.

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