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Mirror Trader is another binary options system which makes some bold claims and ridiculous statements. I’m not going to beat around the bush here, Mirror Trader is a scam! From the very moment we arrive on the website, we’re presented with an auto-playing video which features a man who we have seen before on more than one binary options site. He begins by saying “I am going to ask you a RIDICULOUS question but please bear with me. Would you like to be paid $14,589.65 in to your checking account by tomorrow morning?”

I’m sorry, but in order to be paid, you have to exchange a skill or service. Not only that, there’s no way, with a binary options broker, that you would be able to have it cleared in less than 24 hours. In fact, I have never found a broker which offers withdrawal times of less than 5 working days. The presenter then claims that over the last 3 months, people using Mirror Trader have banked on average $14,500 per day from a process that requires just a few minutes input per day and is 100% risk free. Come on! How gullible and stupid do these software owners think people are? We are fed the usual nonsense about how beta testers have made nearly a million in 3 months and we are also shown several images including mansions and supercars. I have to admit, I’ve really had enough of being treated like an idiot.

Mirror Trader Website Design and Content

Mirror TraderBelow the video, we are given some really cheap looking lightshade graphics above a number of supposed “live trade results”, which are displayed in an antique looking picture frame. Why they decided to go with this design, I don’t know but it really doesn’t look very professional to me. The main thing about these results that gets me is that regardless of the current value of each asset in comparison with the strike rate, every outcome says “you won”. What I mean is that even though the trade clearly loses some of the time and is out of the money, the result comes in as a winning trade. So they couldn’t even design a graphic which looks as though it’s real!

Below the fake results section, we are shown a number of member profiles which display a photo, a name, a country, the number of days since signing up and the profit so far. These figures are simply too high for an auto trader in such a short space of time. There is a user who made $56,687 in 4 days, one who made $71,175 in 5 days and even one who made $128,355 in 9 days. If this was a possibility, it would change the way the world worked as nobody would have a normal job. There would be no doctors, no bus drivers or law enforcement officers. I’m sorry but my only conclusion is that Mirror Trader is a scam. There’s nothing on this page which allows me to think anything different.

You’re welcome to view the page by clicking the link below this review but please bear in mind that I do not endorse this product and that in no way do I recommend making a deposit. The link included is purely so that you can see what you should avoid. It’s simply a resource so that you can easily find the page in question.

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