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Quantum CodeQuantum Code is one of those binary options auto traders whose creators have got far too much imagination. It’s one thing to say that you have created a trading algorithm which analyses market trends but bringing quantum-physics or quantum-computing into it is ludicrous. The main issue I have with using such complex science for the back story of a binary options product is that it makes it all too easy for the narrator in the video to say “you wouldn’t understand it, but don’t worry, leave that to us”. The first thing I noticed when I visited the site for the first time was that irritating pop up window when I accidentally moved the mouse out of the browser page. This pop up is one of those tactics to quickly grab your attention and try to change your mind. When you close the window, it explodes in a “breaking glass” kind of way. I assume that this is to make it look a bit more “James Bond”.

The Quantum Code Sales Video

The video starts with a piece of sinister background music and shows a bank balance screenshot of over 700 grand, a luxury yacht, a pile of diamonds, multiple supercars and much more. This is an instant, tell-tale sign that the software may be a scam. The video then introduces us to Michael Crawford, the CEO of Quantum Code. He claims to be a well-known millionaire and even tells us that we may have seen him on TV and in magazines. My eagle eye though, has spotted a mistake. You may notice that the camera angle doesn’t show the tail of the private jet that Mr Crawford is standing next to but if you go back to the start of the video and look at the clip after the hotel (at 8 seconds in), you will see the plane’s registration is N62W0. Now, the reason I looked into this is that the plane in question looks very familiar. Remember FastCash.biz that I reviewed last week? Well, the private jet that Madison Clark and David Graham claim to own in that video has exactly the same registration on the tail. That not only proves that both of these videos are fake, it also suggests that they’re probably made by the same people. I’d say it would be very unlikely that 2 separate binary options auto trader owners would pick the same luxury rental company and then end up with the exact same jet.

Quantum Code

Michael Crawford reiterates over and over again in the video that the money made with Quantum Code comes in 100% on auto pilot, is 100% guaranteed with no losses and doesn’t cost a penny to start out. I’ve never known one of these videos to claim those things so many times over. This, once again, is slammed to the ground when we read the disclaimer, which is linked to in the footer of the page. It reads; “Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading”. In short, it says that there is always a risk with trading and that they make no claims that you will have success with this. So the disclaimer makes everything in the sales video void. Well that made is super easy to conclude that Quantum Code is a scam.

My Quantum Code Summary

From the offset, there really was no question. Everything we see as a scam tactic in this industry is used and exaggerated on this page. Limited spaces available, hundreds of people viewing the page… Yeah right! The only thing on the page other than the video and the sign up form is those company logos again, the same ones as always. McAfee, Verisign, Symantec etc. There is no way on this earth that I would recommend making a deposit with Quantum Code. Please note that the link below is just for resource purposes so that you can easily find the page yourself if you wish to see what I’ve talked about in this review.

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